Sunday, 20 August 2017

50 Weekly Words & Corner Shop Chronicles...!

Welcome, friends! To: day 6 (19th August) & 7 (20th August) of my morning scribing journal journey...

Daily journaling went quite well last week but it has been much harder finding the time to journal this weekend regarding the ups and downs of family life. So, action plan moving forward... I'll continue with Journal 365 for this month then I'll start 52-week prompts instead... which might be more of a realistic goal (plus, it'll allow me some more time to write the other posts I want to get written!). Please let me know if you're taking part in any 365 days/52 week journal prompts and I'll pop along & visit you (virtually, I mean!) :-) 

Click here to see the original August Journal Prompts list. Note - it's from 2016 but hey what's a year between friends? ;-)

Today I have two entries for you - one from yesterday and the other from today...

19th August: Use 50 words to describe your week (note: I'm trying to swap negative words for positive words) so here we go...!

  1. Anxious
  2. Fearful
  3. Elated
  4. Keen
  5. Happy
  6. Recharging
  7. Learning
  8. Cathartic
  9. Curious
  10. Cleansing
  11. Surprised
  12. Self-aware
  13. Different
  14. Challenging
  15. Interested
  16. Energised
  17. Studious
  18. Trusting
  19. Enjoying
  20. Academic
  21. Bookish
  22. Thoughtful
  23. Podcasts
  24. Videos
  25. Blogging
  26. Purposeful
  27. Distinction (I got notified that I received a distinction on my last course!) :-)
  28. Friendly
  29. Honest
  30. Joyful
  31. Giggled
  32. Chuckled
  33. Admiration
  34. Proud
  35. Considerate
  36. Warm
  37. Cold
  38. Humane
  39. Witty
  40. Confused
  41. Undecided
  42. Merry
  43. Cheerful
  44. Thrilled
  45. Bright
  46. Indifferent
  47. Breezy
  48. Raining
  49. Sunshine
  50. Hearty!

20th August: Write about the last place you visited

I'd love to write that the last place I visited was all sun, sea, sand, unicorns, and magic rainbows but alas, no. The last place that I visited was the corner shop, ha! ;-) Here we go...

The breeze felt like a breath of fresh air as we walked along the pier and headed to our local corner shop that day. On the way, we noticed many sights including (and not limited to) a goat, birds, seals, yachts, dinghies, boats, tourists, fish, sunshine, rain, a beautiful anchor and people going about their general daily business. My daughter and I hid behind our sunglasses that delightfully sunny day and I tried to stop my eyes from squinting as we walked along under the suns rays. I curiously noticed that one visiting boat had hung their washing up to dry and that a group of children were practicing their dinghy/sailing skills - something that I myself loved to participate in once upon a time! (Well, until I hit my head on the boom and lost my shoe when we were being tested on our capsizing skills. Anyway, I digress...)

We waited for what felt like a long time to cross the road but it was worth it as we entered the good old corner shop with its creaky yet welcoming door and I breathed in the smell of freshly baked buns. A long queue of tourists were waiting to be served and I spotted a couple of locals (not the ones I actually know, but you just 'know' the difference between the tourists and locals when you stay in a small town!), plus there was a new sales assistant behind the counter. We bought some 'cupboard extras' and my daughter spent her pocket money on another teddy because, you know, one always need another teddy to add to the collection of the other thirty-five soft toys already in their possession! *insert exasperated face and a visit from a decluttering team*

On the way home, we noticed a classic motorbike, an original style mini car, and two pink cars drive past us. After a quick gander out to sea and a little more people spotting we were home and luckily for us, just in time for the rain!

Amazing what you can spot in a five-minute journey on foot isn't it?

How would you describe your week or the last place that you visited?

P.S. Thank you so much for your comments on the blog and on Instagram lately, and also to the emails that you've sent to me over the past week - I really appreciate every single one of them. And to those of you who went the extra mile to open up your hearts and let me in on some of your own personal journeys... I know how hard that can be and how much guts it probably took but just remember that you are never alone, we are our own community and we can all get through chronic/invisible illness TOGETHER! I'm super stoked that many of you are finding this blog to be a little inspirational space on the internet - because that is exactly what I intended it to be <3 Virtual hugs <3 <3

#selfcareisnotselfish #balanceiskey

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