Monday, 14 August 2017

A Poem About Summertime | Journal 365

Welcome, friends!

This is the newest part of my blog - my journal journey. I'm currently trying out the 'miracle morning' routine which goes a bit like this:

S - silent meditation
A - affirmations
V - visualisation
E - exercise
R - read
S - scribe

More about that later this week when I'll be doing a post (series) about journaling for well-being and I'll be introducing you to my journal - including monthly flip-throughs, collections & challenges that I take part in. Most recently for example... #onebookjuly!

For the 'scribe' part of the 'miracle morning' routine I've decided to do 15 minutes of journaling each morning from monthly prompts on Pinterest and I'm going to start with the August prompts from

With today being August 14th, I guess I'll start on that one! Here goes...

A Poem About Summertime

Oh summer, how I love you,
With your skies of blue,
And grass so green,
With your flowers blooming,
And all the days in-between.

How I yearn for your warmth,
And for your vitamin D,
To look at your zest,
And to gaze at your sparkly sea.

Oh summer, you're my tonic,
The multivitamin that I breathe,
I need your annual uplift,
You bring me joy and you make me believe!

#selfcareisnotselfish #balanceiskey

D x

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