Monday, 21 August 2017

A Poem About The Weather | Journal 365

Welcome, friends! To: Day 8 of my morning scribing journal journey...

As mentioned in yesterdays post I'll start the 52-week prompts at the beginning of September, so only another ten days to go!

Click here to see the original August Journal Prompts list. Note - it's from 2016 but hey what's a year between friends? ;-)

21st August: Write a poem about the weather (note: the weather affects us in different ways & I'd like to try and reflect how it affects me in this poem). Here goes...

Oh weather, what's your jazz?
You're forever up and down.
Some days you wear a top hat,
And some days you wear a frown.

Oh weather, you confuse me -
You shine and my eyes hurt under the glare,
Then you open your heavens and rain upon us,
Which is often too much too bare.

Oh weather, you bring out all the emotions
As you make me happy and you make me sad,
But when your pressure is heavy...
It makes my migraines really bad!

Oh weather, please be stable,
Just for one day, or maybe two?
Because I love when I wake and look out at you
And it makes me feel like I can start anew.

Oh weather, you're a constant
In all of our daily lives,
Please shine down upon us
And cleanse our earthly tribe.

What would you say about the weather? How does it affect you?

#selfcareisnotselfish #balanceiskey

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