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What Idea Inspires You? | Journal 365

Welcome, friends!

Here we are on day two of my 365 journal journey - I must be honest and mention that I was wondering yesterday if this is really a good idea or not - trying to journal every day. Perhaps weekly would be better? But you know, the whole idea is that it's only 15 minutes every day - set the timer, create, write, go! So, let's just keep this going for now :-)

Click here to see the original August Journal Prompts list. Note - it's from 2016 but hey what's a year between friends? ;-)

15. What Idea Inspires You?

SO many things inspire me, but the thing that inspires me the most is people. I'm that person drinking coffee in the cafe and people spying. I'm that person who makes up little stories in my head about what they're going to be doing next or what their backgrounds are. It's great fun and sometimes I often think that I should put my imagination to good use, who knows, there could be a novel in that one!

I'm inspired by peoples circumstances and the glimmer of good that shines through in the world, the hope that is still evident in humanity. When there's a mass tragedy and amongst all those awful newsreels there's that one person being interviewed who did something good for mankind. I'm inspired when communities come together and show that the human spirit is still alive.

I'm inspired by nature - the glorious sunshine and the rolling seas. The vastness of the ocean. The birds singing and the trees blowing in the wind.

I'm inspired by children who are our innocents in this world and who look at things in such a different light from us adults, who have been molded by society and forced to conform to societal norms. I'm amazed by their adaptability and their love of life, to just 'be'.

I'm inspired by friends and family members who have been through so much adversity, yet they just get up and get on with their life.

I'm inspired by famous humanitarians like Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela, and Maya Angelou.

I'm inspired by the people who volunteer to help humanity and put themselves in dangerous conditions. Where I live, the Coastguard, Fire Brigade and Royal National Lifeboat Institution are paramount to public safety and are mostly manned by volunteers. Men and women have died to save the lives of other people. They live normal lives and many also have paid jobs but when their pagers beep they drop everything that they're doing in that moment to deal with an emergency situation. They never get the full recognition that they truly deserve but they carry on regardless because they believe in helping others.

I'm inspired by colours, by taste, by smell and I'm inspired by the digital world too and the information that is out there to be read, pondered, soaked up and analysed.

I'm inspired by knowledge and have a constant thirst for learning as much as I can - we never stop learning and they day that we think we have learned everything we need to know is the day that we really need to learn more!

So what am I inspired by? I'm inspired by you, I'm inspired by me and I'm inspired by the world around us!

What inspires you?

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