Wednesday, 23 August 2017

What Season Are You Grateful For?

Welcome, friends! To: Day 10 of my morning scribing journal journey, which I'll be continuing until the end of August.

Click here to see the original August Journal Prompts list. Note - it's from 2016 but hey what's a year between friends? ;-)

Today's question is:

August 23rd: What season are you grateful for?

Ooh, there are pros and cons to each season... but for me, my favourite season has to be Autumn. 

Why am I grateful for it?

  • As the temperature cools, I can look at layering my clothes but still get away with a cardigan as opposed to a big fluffy winter coat. Also, the cooler I am, the less anxious I am - many of you (with chronic/invisible illness) will understand this one. 
  • Re the temp thing... makeup does not run. Yay!
  • The beautiful colours of the leaves falling off the trees (not that there are many trees where I live). Hues of red, brown, yellow and orange. Everything just looks so atmospheric.
  • Open windows - it's not too hot outside that it doesn't make any difference inside your house and it's not too cold that you need to shut them.
  • Clothes - as mentioned above it's time to layer! But it's also time to invest in a new pair of boots and some long sweaters. It's definitely the season that I feel comfiest in clothes-wise. Good riddance summer sweat & goodbye wet patches, ha!
  • It's pumpkin time! Where I live, in the Scottish Islands, we never see a pumpkin until Halloween comes around. In fact, when I was little, pumpkins were extremely rare and we often had to make do with neeps! (I think that's turnips to the rest of the world?)... Pumpkin spiced latte anyone?! 
  • Halloween - yes, I'm an adult but this one is fun. I know this derives from paganism which some religious people don't agree with but (for me) it's just about dressing up and having a laugh, which my seven-year-old still enjoys. The fifteen-year-old? He's too (and I quote), "grown up for that now". ♫♫♫ 'He did the mash... he did the monster mash...!' ♫♫ (Now that song is going to be stuck in your head for the rest of the day, isn't it?!)
  • Hot apple cider.... hmmm.... yum!
  • The smell of burning wood - campfires galore locally and bonfire night. Preferably with the cider. Wooly hats on. Consider donning the mittens.
  • Fireworks!! As above.
  • Food? Bring on the hearty soup and root veg!
  • Back to the temperature - Autumn is perfect duvet weather, isn't it? Not too hot or too cold. Just right with the correct pair of PJ's on. Bliss.
  • The television gets better as all the new programmes hit the screens. (I'm looking forward to catching up with the next seasons of Vikings, Peaky Blinders and The Walking Dead - well, something has got to replace my beloved Game of Thrones!)
  • An extra hour in bed as the clocks go back (no more explanation needed).
  • The countdown to Christmas! ♫♫ 'Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow' ♫♫

What season are you grateful for?

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