Monday, 14 August 2017

What's On at Hearty Habits!

Welcome, friends!

If you're new here, thanks for popping along to take a peek! Having blogged since 2012 (at a different little corner of the internet) I'm not an avid fan of stats/traffic trackers - for me, it's more about forming communities and engaging in support systems for people who have the same interests or share similar circumstances. However, this blog is totally new and these things take a while to build, but it truly has been super to see how many views this blog has had behind the scenes and I was surprised to see views from so many countries! I'm considering a translation button as I also follow blogs in other countries and really wish they'd add it to their main blog page as Google only seems to translate blogs from direct URL links but not from RSS feeds (well that's what happens at my end anyway!) - let me know if this is something that you would be interested in.

Anyway, it's been a couple of weeks since I started this blog and it has taken a while (behind the scenes) to get the 'bare bones' sorted if you like! I initially set it up then realised I had only made it responsive for my screen and not for other screen sizes - including phones and tablets, so I've had to spend some time coding behind the scenes. I still have a few tweaks to do here and there but I figure that these things can get done as I go along but I really want to just WRITE! So here we are *inserts smiley face*

What can you expect to see/read on Hearty Habits?

Well, it's going to go a little something like this:

Week 1: New post
Week 2: What the people are saying
Week 3: Eight dimensions of wellness updates
Week 4: Reader Q+A (I have a fair few to get through, leading on from Instagram questions!)

Daily: Join me for my 'Journey Journal' snippet posts as I work through 365 days of journaling prompts (this could be about anything and everything!) 

Weekly: Weekly inspiration round-ups... literally sharing things with you that have inspired me during the week!

Monthly: Journaling for Well-being - where I'll be sharing my journal with you. It started out as a bullet journal and throughout #onebookjuly it sort of turned into an omni journal which I've really come to love! Keep your eyes peeled as I'll be posting about that later this week.

Challenges: I like to take part in a few online challenges throughout the year, most recently including #onebookjuly, so stay tuned! (Previous challenges also include #nospendjanuary #veganuary and #bujotherapy for mental health awareness month).

Reviews: These will be random and will most likely be natural product/wellness orientated. I will only ever review products that I personally use and wholeheartedly recommend.

Holistic Nutrition / Minimalism & Decluttering / Yoga & Meditation / Stress Management & Relaxation / Alternative & Complimentary Therapies: I'll be writing about these topics sporadically as I go along this journey.

Feel free to join the journey and hop on board for the ride - I'd love to see you here sipping a cuppa and taking five minutes out from your day to chillax with me!  

#selfcareisnotselfish #balanceiskey

D x

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